Collett Family Tree done by Charles and William Butler in 1933

My “originals” of this family tree are not good. They are very old photo copies with grey writing on a blotchy black bacground. In places the “originals” are not really legible. In an attempt to improve legibility I have inverted the colours to produce black writing on a light grey background. But in places legibility is still poor.

The 9 pages need to be joined together to form one long family tree.

A list of names that appear on this family tree is given below the links to the pages. (Scroll down to see them.)

Click on a thumbnail to see the full size image. (Full size images are about 1½ MB each.)

Adendorff, Martha Susanna (Collett)9
Biggs, Alan Roberts4
Biggs, Audrey Josephine4
Biggs, Daniel Roberts4
Biggs, David Hobson4
Biggs, Deneys Conroy3
Biggs, Frank3
Biggs, Honor Mary4
Biggs, John Collett3
Biggs, Louis Patrick4
Biggs, Marjorie4
Biggs, Martin Ernest4
Biggs, Patricia4
Biggs, Ruth Margaret3
Biggs, Winifred Alice4
Bowker, Gladys (Collett)3
Brown, Donald John McLintire7
Brown, George Harvey7
Brown, Hilda Metcalfe (Collett)3
Brown, Ruth Hilda (Butler)4
Brown, Sybel Una7
Butler, Ada Josephine (Biggs)4
Butler, Alfred Douglas5
Butler, Alice Emily, (Biggs)4
Butler, Alison Christine3
Butler, Arthur Charles4 / 5
Butler, Charles5
Butler, Cicely Ray4 / 5
Butler, Denis Ryall4
Butler, Dorothy Eyre3
Butler, Dorothy Mabel5
Butler, Dorothy Mabel (Hudson)5
Butler, Ernest Collett3
Butler, Florence Letitia (Biggs)3
Butler, Frederick Guy3
Butler, Harold Challacombe4
Butler, Hilda Helen4
Butler, James4
Butler, James Watts4
Butler, Jeffrey Ernest3
Butler, Joan May Eyre3
Butler, Joseph Charles5
Butler, Kathleen Ethel (Vorster)4
Butler, Kingsley Evelyn4 / 5
Butler, Lynne Eva4 / 5
Butler, Marion Grace (Irons)5
Butler, Mary Collett4
Butler, Mary Emma3
Butler, Ray Charles5
Butler, Rex Douglas4 / 5
Coetzee, Llewellyn8
Coetzee, Martin Luther8
Coetzee, Martin Luther8
Collett, Albert Henry8
Collett, Albert Henry8
Collett, Alexander Conroy3
Collett, Amy Rayner3
Collett, Annie Letitia (Butler)4
Collett, Barbara Kate8
Collett, Beatrice Mary (Coetzee) 8
Collett, Beatrice Pringle3
Collett, Beryl Owen3
Collett, Cecil Walter3
Collett, Cyril Simpson3
Collett, Derrick George3
Collett, Dudley Templeton8
Collett, Dulcie Mabel (Moorcroft)7
Collett, Elfrida Owen (Fear)6
Collett, Elizabeth (Crooks)9
Collett, Enid Hedley7
Collett, Ethlyn8
Collett, George9
Collett, George Chapman3
Collett, Gervase Chancellor8
Collett, Gladys Mary7
Collett, Godfrey Hugh8
Collett, Hazel Mary Owen6
Collett, Hedley John7
Collett, Herbert Duncan3
Collett, Herbert Joseph4
Collett, Hilda Rose (Daniell)3
Collett, Iris Miriam8
Collett, James7
Collett, James Lydford4 / 5
Collett, Jessie Marion4
Collett, Joan Marion7
Collett, John5
Collett, John Alexander3
Collett, John Hilton7
Collett, John Owen6
Collett, Joseph8
Collett, Joy Owen6
Collett, Katheryn Owen7
Collett, Kathleen Maude Owen (Meyer)6
Collett, Keith Dudley8
Collett, Leslie Owen6
Collett, Martha (Trollip)7
Collett, Martha Rhoda Agnes7
Collett, Mary Emma (Butler)5
Collett, May Harriet8
Collett, Mildred Kate3
Collett, Natalie Rae6
Collett, Neville Norman8
Collett, Noel John6
Collett, Norman Hugh8
Collett, Olive Mary3
Collett, Peter Mitford (Note 1)3
Collett, Rhoda Ann (Trollip)5
Collett, Richard John8
Collett, Roger Holden3
Collett, Rona Marion8
Collett, Ronald Innes3
Collett, Rosa Phoebe (Maskell)6
Collett, Rowena Joyce Owen7
Collett, Rowena Roslin8
Collett, Sheila Gladys3
Collett, Susanna (Maskell)5
Collett, Thelma Cyril3
Collett, Walter James3
Collett, Walter John (Note 1)3
Collett, Walter Ralph3
Collett, William8
Collett, Winifred Martha (Brown)7
Cook, Annie Maria (Collett)8
Crooks, Jonathan9
Daniell, Ethne Brenda3
Daniell, Henry Ambrose3
Daniell, Maureen Caridene3
Fear, Cherry Winsome6
Fear, Eric Butler6
Fear, John Patrick Collett6
Fear, Lynette Fay6
Gedye, Kate (Collett)6
Gedye, Rowena (Collett)8
Hart, Gladys Isobel (Collett)8
Hudson, Alan Raymond5
Hudson, Norman Stuart5
Hudson, Reginald John Milner5
Irons, Edward Kaighen5
Jubb, Katie Marian (Collett)8
King, Leonie (Maskell)6
Lategan, Anna Catherine (Collett)6
Maskell, Arthur Ivan5
Maskell, Bruce Joseph Carlisle5 / 6
Maskell, Edwena Patricia6
Maskell, Eileen Rosa6
Maskell, Eric Chancellor5
Maskell, Estelle5
Maskell, Eunice Loraine6
Maskell, John Vincent6
Maskell, Joseph John6
Maskell, Kenneth Walter6
Maskell, Noelle Lorraine5
Maskell, Richard John5
Maskell, Wilfred Joseph5
Meyer, Michael Jacob6
Moorcroft, Cecil Fenner7
Moorcroft, Cecil Fenner7
Moorcroft, Joy Fenner7
Moorcroft, May Fenner7
Moorcroft, William Fenner7
Oates, Audrey Doreen6
Oates, Eunice Valery6
Oates, Joseph Deryck6
Oates, Laurence Spencer6
Oates, Olga6
Potgieter, Marion Antoinette (Collett)8
Price, Blodwen (Butler)5
Rose-Innes, Bremnerina3
Schmidt, Hendrina (Maskell)5
Short, Evelyn (Butler)4 / 5
Simpson, Emily (Collett)8
Simpson, Mary (Collett)7
Stringer, Alice Eyre (Butler)3
Trollip, John7
Trollip, Joshua4
Trollip, Mary (Collett)5
Trollip, Rhoda Ann (Collett)5
Van Heerden, Annie (Collett)8
Van Niekerk, Petronella (Maskell)5 / 6
Van Wyk, Hildatjie Joubert (Butler)4
Vorster, Barend Johannes4
Vorster, Michael Butler4
Vorster, William Frank4
Whittal, Frankie Joan (Collett)8

Note 1: Probably clipped off the bottom of the page during photo copying. (Children of John Alexander Collett.)