Gedye Family Tree

This Gedye Family Tree was done by mother in about 2001. She did it from memory, so the detail isn’t complete and there may be errors.

As the Gedye’s are not well documented, I would like to update and correct the Gedye Family Tree. I would like to get full names, dates, photos, etc. I will appreciate assistance from anyone who can help.

What I would like most of all are photographs of James Banfield Gedye and Eliza (Lillie) Eastwood Kirk; and also photos of Southbourne, the Gedye family home in Port Elizabeth. Can anyone help with these?

Are there one or two Mabel Gedye’s? My mother listed one, but on the internet I found two - Annie Mabel Gedye and Mabel Clarkson Gedye. Which Mabel Gedye married Rex Whitehead?

Note 1:
Please note that there were two James Banfield Gedye’s in South Africa. The James Banfield Gedye in the tree above (born 25 March 1838) had an older brother Edwin Gedye (The Reverend Edwin Gedye) who also came to South Africa. Edwin Gedye married Mary Ann Greenwood. They had several children, one of whom was James Banfield Gedye, born in Peddie (Eastern Cape) on 3 Jan 1877.

Note 2:
A New Zealand Gedye Family Tree (click the back button to return to this page) has been done by Steven David Mills Gedye. Nicholas Edwin Gedye and Ursula Banfield (the parents of James Banfield Gedye) are listed on that tree. Many generations of Gedye’s are listed there.