Rayner Family Tree done by Frank Watson Rayner in 1967

There are 5 pages, each of which has been split into three. For example, page 1 has been split into 1A, 1B and 1C.

A list of names that appear on this family tree is given below the links to the pages. (Scroll down to see them.)

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Anderton, John3
Barrett, Alan Michael1
Barrett, Alan Peter3
Barrett, Arthur George3
Barrett, Claire Jean3
Barrett, David Charles3
Barrett, Derek Henry3
Barrett, Henry3
Barrett, Lynn Carol3
Barrett, Margaret Anne3
Barrett, Pamela3
Barrett, Peter Rayner3
Barrett, Wendy Dorothy3
Borchers, Barbara Allison3
Borchers, Diana Nichola3
Borchers, Elsa Augusta (Rayner)3
Borchers, Ian Rayner3
Borchers, Joan Mary (Hudson)3
Borchers, Oscar Bruno3
Borchers, Phillipa Ann3
Borchers, Robyn June3
Bray, ??3
Brookes, Catherine (Rayner)1
Brown, Alan Eric Metcalfe2
Brown, Alistair Ronald Metcalfe2
Brown, Bert Edward3
Brown, Colin David Metcalfe2
Brown, David Metcalfe2
Brown, Delia Elzerley3
Brown, Derrick Harold Metcalfe2
Brown, Dorothy Metcalfe2
Brown, Eric Metcalfe2
Brown, Harold Metcalfe2
Brown, Hilda Metcalfe (Collett)2
Brown, Jean Leila (Ferreira)2
Brown, Lianne Gail3
Brown, Neil Rayner2
Brown, Rodney George3
Brown, Ronald Eric Rayner2
Brown, Sheila May (Gilbert)2
Brown, Waveley Jean2
Brown, William Thomas Tilbrook2
Brunette, Patrick1
Brunette, Ralph Vincent Petrie1
Brunette, Roy1
Brunette, Wendy (Barrett)1
Chapman, Helen Margaret (Rayner)4
Clear, Hilary Ann (Haarhof)4
Clear, William4
Cleaver, Gillian Margaret3
Cleaver, Jennifer Claire (Norton)3
Clever, Harold Gordon3
Clever, Harold Gordon2
Collett, Amy Rayner (Thompson)2
Collett, Annelise Lynette5
Collett, Carol Margaret2
Collett, Catherine Sinclair2
Collett, Charmaine Marie5
Collett, Cynthia Jewel (Turner)5
Collett, Derrick George2
Collett, Eileen Catherine Mary (Tosen)5
Collett, Estelle Annette5
Collett, George Chapman2
Collett, Horace Rayner5
Collett, Horatio George5
Collett, John Rayner5
Collett, Kevin Andrew5
Collett, Malcolm George2
Collett, Marianne Claire2
Collett, Neil Christopher2
Collett, Paul Roger2
Collett, Penelope Ann2
Collett, Roger Holden2
Collett, Rowena Roslin2
Dannhauser, Anna Elizabeth (Collett)5
Dodd, Agnes Isobel (Brown)2
Fayle, Janet Sheila (Lanham)3
Ferreira, Daniel Francois2
Ferreira, Ignatius Leopold2
Gilbert, Alison Claire2
Gilbert, Gail Elizabeth2
Gilbert, Heather Jean2
Gilbert, Ralph George Murrell2
Glynes, Elizabeth Metcalfe (Rayner)1
Gordon, Jean Bruce (Rayner)1
Haarhof, Francois Dennis4
Hudson, Claire Louise3
Hudson, Denys Mervyn3
Hudson, Geoffrey John3
Hudson, Graham William3
Hudson, Peter Mervyn3
Hutchons, Ada Maude (Rayner)1
Hutchons, Blanche Isobel (Rayner)1
Impey, Hannah Tamplin (Rayner)1
Impey, Olive Elizabeth Tamplin (Rayner)1
Kinghorn, Joan Margaret (Brunette)1
Kinghorn, Leonard Ralph1
Kinghorn, Shirley Ann1
Lanham, Clyde Erskine3
Lanham, Judy Elizabeth3
Lanham, Leonard Erskine3
Lanham, Ruth Erskine (Richardson)3
Lanham, Sandra Ruth3
Leverton, Olwen Doreen (Rayner)1
Lyle, Betty Trecarrel (Rayner)1
Newdigate, Marion Barbara (Borchers)3
Norton, Alan Gordon3
Norton, Benjamin3
Norton, Lawrence (Larry) Benjamin3
Olivier, Martha Francina Elizabeth (Collett)5
Opperman, Annie Henriette (Rayner)3
Pitt, Clara Elizabeth (Collett)5
Pitt, Derek St John5
Pitt, Edward John5
Pitt, Liesel5
Poole, Catherine Gertrude (Pitt)5
Poole, Edith Hilda (Potgieter)5
Poole, William Arthur5
Potgieter, Brian William5
Potgieter, Cyril Godfrey5
Potgieter, Jennifer Mary5
Rayner, Alan Michael Shepstone4
Rayner, Alan Shepstone4
Rayner, Alan Shepstone4
Rayner, Amy (Brown)2
Rayner, Amy Edith (Borchers)3
Rayner, Anne4
Rayner, Arthur Tamplin1
Rayner, Bert Gardener3
Rayner, Brian Shepstone4
Rayner, Catherine Metcalfe (Collett, Poole)5
Rayner, Charles1
Rayner, Charles Hutchons1
Rayner, Charles Tainton1
Rayner, Christopher Shepstone4
Rayner, Claire4
Rayner, Claire Trollip (Cleaver)3
Rayner, Denis1
Rayner, Derek1
Rayner, Dorothy Florence (Barrett)3
Rayner, Edna Elizabeth May (Stringer)1
Rayner, Edward1
Rayner, Eileen May1
Rayner, Elizabeth1
Rayner, Ethel Metcalfe (Lanham)3
Rayner, Frank Watson1
Rayner, Gay Valerie (Thomas)1
Rayner, George Brookes3
Rayner, Gwyneth June1
Rayner, Ian Shepstone4
Rayner, Jennifer Ann (Schroeder)1
Rayner, Karen4
Rayner, Kathleen Elizabeth (Tacon)4
Rayner, Kenneth Shepstone4
Rayner, Lynne4
Rayner, Mabel Maude (Brunette)1
Rayner, Marie Ann4
Rayner, Mary1
Rayner, Mary (Bray)1
Rayner, Mary Edith (Anderton, Theron)3
Rayner, Matthew Henry1
Rayner, May Patricia (Clear)4
Rayner, Michael Gordon1
Rayner, Olwen Mary1
Rayner, Rex Shepstone4
Rayner, Richard Denis1
Rayner, Robert1
Rayner, Robert Charles1
Rayner, Theophilus Shepstone1
Rayner, Thomas1
Rayner, William1
Rayner, William Brookes1
Rayner, William John Shepstone4
Rayner, William Morris1
Rayner, William Shepstone4
Rayner, William Shepstone4
Richardson, Colleen3
Richardson, John William3
Richardson, Lesley John3
Richardson, Pamela Anne3
Roberts, Kate Letitia (Rayner)4
Roux, Dawn (Rayner)1
Schoon, Margaret Linde (Barrett)3
Schroeder, Debra Jayne1
Schroeder, Desmond Brian1
Schroeder, Roderick Michael1
Schroeder, Terry Ann1
Shepstone, Miss P1
Smith, Nadine Myrtle (Brown)2
Stent, Paticia Joan (Barrett)3
Stringer, Lynnette Elizabeth1
Stringer, Reginald Arthur1
Stringer, Richard Anthony1
Stringer, Shirley May1
Tacon, Jonathan Rayner4
Tacon, Keith Rayner4
Tacon, Victor Charles4
Tait, Kathleen Sinclair (Collett)2
Theron, Colleen Lynn3
Theron, Raymond Ion3
Thomas, Hudson1
Thomas, Lynette Gay1
Thomas, Roger Hudson1
Thomas, Sylvia Beryl1
Thomas, Trecarrel Joy1
Thompson, Belinda June2
Thompson, Colin Rayner2
Thomson, Clive Douglas2
Tosen, Hendrik Albertus Lourens5
Tosen, Marlene Rene5
Tosen, Theresa Annette5
Trollip, Daisy Elizabeth (Rayner)4
Trollip, Edith Ann Margaret (Rayner)3
Trollip, Ella Edwards (Rayner)4
Turner, Anthea Joan5
Turner, Barbara Lynette5
Turner, Denise Elaine5
Turner, Erica Louise5
Turner, Fiona May5
Turner, John Philip Sugden5
Turner, Peter Douglas5
Van Eeden, Susan (Pitt)5
Van Rooyen, Maria Catharina (Rayner)4
Wates, Cecily Edith (Rayner)4
Wilson, Norma Morag (Rayner)4